New Stations for Bikeshare Program

WI Web Staff Report | 7/27/2011, 12:14 p.m.
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has announced 32 new Capital Bikeshsare locations that are...
The Capital Bikeshare program in D.C. was launched September 2010. (Courtesy photo)

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has announced 32 new Capital Bikeshsare locations that are slated for installation in the fall. The installations, which will include the addition of 265 bikes, will comprise the first major expansion of the system in the District since the project was launched nearly a year ago, according to a DDOT statement.

"We are grateful for the enormous support Capital Bikeshare has received throughout the past 10 months and are very pleased to release the final list of new station locations for the District of Columbia," Terry Bellamy, DDOT director, said in the statement. "With this expansion we will not only increase the overall reach of the system, but we will expand the program's capacity by 22 percent in the downtown area, by 80 percent in our East of the River operations and by an average of 38 percent throughout each of the additional Wards."

The decision to add more stations was determined following an assessment of current needs and conditions in various geographic areas and their potential for sustained Bikeshare usage and growth.

According to DDOT, in addtion to public feedback, some of the criteria used to locate the new stations included proximity to activity centers, proximity to high-demand existing stations, solar accessibility, and minimum space and surface requirements.

Here is the list of new stations

* 3rd Street and G Street, SE

* 4th Street and E Street, SW

* 5th Street SE between Alabama and Martin Luther King Avenue, SE

* 6th Street and Florida, NE

* 7th Street and Maryland Avenue, NE

* 7th Street and R Street, NW

* 11th Street and H Street, NE

* 16th Street and Euclid Street, NW

* 17th Street and Rhode Island Ave, NW

* 18th Street and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

* 19th Street and New Hampshire Avenue, NW (Dupont South)

* 38th Street, SE at Pennsylvania Ave - Fairfax Village (INSTALLED TODAY)

* 3000 Connecticut. NW - National Zoo

* 4500 Benning Road, NE (Benning Road Metro Station)

* Calvert Street and 39th Street, NW (Stoddert Recreation Center)

* Columbia Road and Belmont Road, NW

* Alabama Avenue at 13th Street, SE - Congress Heights Metro

* Florida Avenue and California Street, NW

* Gallaudet University - 1st Street and Michigan, NW

* Georgia Avenue and Columbia Road, NW

* Good Hope Road and Minnesota Avenue, SE

* M Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

* Maryland Avenue and Independence Avenue, SW (at 6th Street)

* Massachusetts Avenue and 15th Street, SE

* New Jersey Avenue and D Street, SE

* Rhode Island Avenue and 1st Street, NW

* Anacostia Avenue at Benning Road, NE - River Terrace

* Thomas Circle at 14th Street, NW

* Tingey Street and 3rd Street, SE (Yards Park )

* Upshur Street and 14th Street, NW

* Upshur Street and Georgia Avenue, NW

* W Street and Martin Luther King Avenue, SE

List of current stations slated to expand:

* 4th Street and M Street, SW

* 7th Street and Water Street, SW - SW Waterfront

* 11th Street and Kenyon Street, NW

* 13th Street and D Street, NE

* 13th Street and H Street, NE

* 14th Street and Rhode Island Ave, NW

* 14th Street and V Street, NW

* 16th Street and Harvard Street, NW

* 16th Street and U Street, NW

* 21st Street and I Street, NW

* C and O Canal and Wisconsin Ave, NW

* Calvert Street and Woodley Place, NW

* Eastern Market Metro / Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, SE

* Lamont Street and Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

* Lincoln Park / 13th and East Capitol Street, NE

* Massachusetts Avenue and Dupont Circle, NW

* Metro Center / 12th Street and G Street, NW

* Park Road and Holmead Place, NW

Additional information about Capital Bikeshare is available at www.capitalbikeshare.com.