Baker Comments on County's Bond Rating

WI Web Staff Report | 7/29/2011, 5:22 p.m.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD - Prince George's County Executive, Rushern L. Baker recently released this statement regarding the county being listed as AAA by Moody's:

"Although this possible downgrade was expected after the financially strong State of Maryland was placed on similar notice, it nevertheless is disappointing to hear after how hard this county has worked financially to earn and protect its 'AAA' bond rating from all three ratings agencies. But, I want to be clear, I am not disappointed at Moody's, I understand why they are sending out this warning.

"With our geographic proximity to Washington, DC, federal facilities in the County such as Joint Based Andrews, NASA Goddard, NOAA, and BARC amongst many others, along with our significant federal workforce who reside in the County, the economy of Prince George's County is proudly tied to the stability of the federal government.

"My disappointment resides with the House Republicans, who for weeks have balked on a fair and compromising deal with President Obama and Senate Democrats. What seem to be petty political games on Capitol Hill are going to impact our communities in Prince George's County. The time has come for a compromise to be reached and allow us local leaders around the country to continue the recovery that President Obama has started without tying our hands with fiscal uncertainty."