Grand Jury Probe Launched in Gray Scandal

WI Staff Report | 6/21/2011, 3:03 p.m.

A grand jury investigation has been launched surrounding allegations by former mayoral contender Sulaimon Brown against Mayor Vincent Gray's administration, according to a Washington Examiner report.

Brown has said he was given money and a high-paying District of Columbia government post in exchange for his rants against then-Mayor Adrian Fenty during last fall's Democratic primary.

Brown, who was terminated three weeks into the $110,000 a-year-job he assumed in early February, was recently forced to testify before the City Council. In doing so, he was armed with what he called "evidence" to prove he received payoffs from Gray's campaign.

Meanwhile, according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, during his first six months at the helm Gray had has huge drop in his approval ratings. The poll indicates that as of the end of May, 41 percent of black respondents felt that things for the city were not on the right track.