Al Sharpton, Cornell West Debate Set for June 24

Online Editor | 6/22/2011, 3:34 p.m.

Courtesy Photo.

Community activist Rev. Al Sharpton and noted educator Dr. Cornell West will engage in a debate on June 24 during the annual convention of the National Newspapers Publishers Association.

The convention is being held in Chicago and the debate, according to Black America Web (BAW), will focus on President Barack Obama's performance as it relates to the black agenda.

Sharpton and West sparred in April over Obama's duties and policies on the MSNBC special, "The Black Agenda." At that time, West criticized Obama for not doing enough to lower unemployment among African Americans. He also suggested that Obama was a "black mascot" for the rich, according to BAW.

Sharpton countered that a contingent of black leaders have faithfully rallied behind Obama for a more progressive agenda -- which includes pressuring Congress to be more supportive of efforts that would best serve African Americans.