New Radio Talk Show to Engage Community Activism

WI Staff Report | 6/27/2011, 12:35 p.m.

Beginning on June 28, several local organizations will be joining Kenny Barnes Sr., founder and CEO of "Reaching Out To Others Together (ROOT)," for a radio talk show that will not only discuss issues that directly impact the community, but which will also encourage its activism.

"Community in Action," will air from 8 a.m to 9 a.m. every fourth Tuesday on CBS Radio 1580 AM. Among the participating organizations whose leaders will serve as co-hosts with Barnes, are the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation NCBCP), William Kellibrew Foundation (WKF), Black Youth Vote! and the Black Women's Roundtable (BWR).

"This is a perfect union for "Community in Action" to join with the National Coalition and the Kellibrew Foundation to co-host this radio show," Barnes said in a statement announcing the project. "It's truly an honor for me."

The first segment, "Melanie's Corner," will be co-hosted by Melanie Campbell, NCBCP president and CEO. Discussion will center on the 2012 presidential election and what's at stake for African Americans, Black immigrants and other under-served communities.

"As we approach 2012 presidential election, we must engage our community in every possible way," said Campbell. "Now more than ever, it is time to organize and leverage our vote in order for elected officials to be held accountable to the interests impacting our communities' daily lives."

Deven Anderson and William Kellibrew will co-host the second segment. In addition to shedding light on issues affecting black youth, the segment will focus on civic engagement, technology and social innovation.

The final segment, '"Surviving and Thriving," will be co-hosted by Brandon Wallace, WKF executive director and Kellibrew. Discussions will include poverty, domestic violence, sexual assault and children's exposure to violence.

"In order to address the issues we are faced with in our community, we need a collective, coordinated and proactive approach," said Kellibrew, "This is an excellent forum for starting to understand the many issues we grapple with as a society."

Callers can dial in at 301.794.5150. A live online simulcast can be reached at http://washington.cbslocal.com.