Colorful Costumes, Floats Prevalent at D.C. Caribbean Fest

Carlos Hernandez | , WI Intern | 6/29/2011, 5:20 p.m.
Two Caribbean Festival attendees show off their colorful attire. (Photo by Carlos Hernandez)

When it comes to cultural celebrations, theD.C. Caribbean Festival has usually been everything one could ever imagine. At the onset, things were no different for this year's event as residents from various ethnic backgrounds made their way to Georgia Avenue to partake of the cultural offerings from places like Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The colorful costumes were just as breath-taking as the parade of floats that passed along, and the mood-setting mix of music kept pace with members of the lively crowd - many of whom spiritedly danced alone or with each other.

"I felt it was fun and it felt like being immersed in a world of culture," said Clark Forcey, a 21-year-old Columba Heights resident. "It was very diverse."

Although multiple fights that broke out later caused the festival to be cut short, there were still plenty of positive moments that resonated a good time.

The festival, which features a tropical arena of food and is held annually to encourage cross-cultural programs in the D.C. Metro area, also educates the community in Caribbean arts and crafts.

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