College Students Get Benefits

Letters to the Editor | 5/4/2011, 8:44 p.m.

I want to thank you for publishing Dorothy Rowley's article "Health Care Mandate Provides for College Students" (April 28, 2011). With the passage of this bill, we as a family are looking to save hundreds of dollars this year in health care costs. We have a son who will receive his master's degree this year. He has also recently been notified of his acceptance into a PhDprogram.

Prior to the "Affordable Care Act," we had to take out a separate health insurance plan for him at a cost of several hundred dollars, but now we are able to add him to our family plan, saving us money. I would encourage every parent with a health care plan to add their child under the age of 26 years old to their policy.

For my family and me, this part of the president's health care reform act is just what the doctor ordered.

Again, thanks Washington Informer for your continued attention to the issues that are so important to our community!

Lawrence Brown

Washington, D.C.