Couple Launches The Richards Group Foundation to Inspire and Empower Youth

Shevry Lassiter | 11/9/2011, 10:31 p.m.

"Some of our family members were going through some difficult times, including three children who were bounced around from house to house after their mother was brutally murdered by her boyfriend and then the children's biological father went to jail for murdering the boyfriend," Ms. Richards said. "We believe that charity starts at home so that is where we started, it's all about exposing a child to what is possible."

One of the foundation's objectives is to speak to kids at every D.C. public high school and tell them achievement of their dreams is possible. The Richards believe they are living representatives of what they espouse that children with similar backgrounds can do something that matters. They believe this will give meaning and fulfillment to their lives.

Ms. Richards likened the value system the foundation will use to help children achieve their dreams to the principles used when she decided to run a 26.2-mile marathon. "Children will be taught to just start where you are, show up every day, and push yourself because nobody else is going to push you," she said. "A lot of people say I've never done this or that before. I sincerely believe that you are responsible for your own life and I think that if they [children] can learn that it doesn't matter where they start, where they come from, or what anyone says, just do it, it's up to them, they will live life with purpose."