Reflections on 9-11

Ibrahim Mumin | 11/9/2011, 12:52 p.m.
An Islamic Response...
Ibrahim Mumin

Growing up in the nation's capital, Donald Graham spoke about the "epidemic of certainty." He explained that "people no longer check facts and they assume they are right in their causes because of what they hear." This is evident with the Quran burnings--elected officials speaking irrationally against Islam. "Every religion over the centuries has failed, because others have used religion as a means for slaughtering others."

Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool told the audience about a khutbah, an addesss or public prayer read from the steps of a mosque, he gave in South Africa the week of 9/11 2001 and his comments brought a sincere global element to the occasion in particular when he said to applause, "It is time that we move from competitive religion to compatible religion."

Cheryl Kravitz who is also former Executive Director of the National Conference (formerly The National Conference for Christians and Jews) spoke of her history with the civil rights movement and the intolerance she has experienced raising a child with a learning disability.

Judge Hassan El-Amin mentioned in his commentary that 9/11 2001 was an "Act of war against the U.S." and the first military intrusion on the U.S. mainland since the War of 1812. "Did not Allah check one set of people with another, " he said, noting the Quran provides guidance.

"Allah is creating a more compassionate, considerate being. Hence mankind is creating a human being who is more kind, man-kind. Look at the life that was here before you. Look at your teeth, your fingernails. Look at the fossils, the big domineering creatures that used to exist. Look at how they used to exist and no longer exist. Allah doesn't want there to be a domineering creature. Life is evolving and creating a more compassionate being."

Often we don't see our humanity until after these catastrophic events. Days and months later, we revert to our divisions and differences. As Ambassador Rasool said, we need to move past "competitive religion to compatible religion." We have to move past competitive bias on all levels toward compatible human interests. This is how we will have the greatest democracy even in the time of crisis.

This article was contributed by Ibrahim Mumin, owner of Mumin and Associates, LLC., an economic development and community relations firm in the District.