Barry Declares Candidacy in Ward 8 Race

WI Web Staff Report | 11/30/2011, 12:20 p.m.
Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry has officially declared his bid for re-election in 2012....
Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry will run for office again in 2012./Courtesy Photo

Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry has officially declared his bid for re-election in 2012.

In a statement released Tuesday (Nov. 29), Barry, 75, said he had filed his candidacy with the Office of Campaign Finance, and that as veteran public servant -- of more than 30 years -- he remains committed to "bringing hope, resources and a big vision" to D.C. residents.

Said Barry:

"In these 31 years of public service, my work has touched every citizen, directly or indirectly, in the District of Columbia in a positive way. At my campaign kickoff, which should be early next year, I will discuss my continued vision for Ward 8.

For the last several years, Ward 8 residents have benefited greatly from my leadership. Yet the economic gap continues to widen. The average income for a Ward 8 family is $25,000 while in Ward 3 a white family's income averages $100,000.

The physical nature of Ward 8 has changed drastically. During my tenure as Council Member, I have led efforts that yielded over 10,000 new, affordable housing units. There are fewer boarded up apartment buildings and fewer housing accommodations in non-compliance with government standards. Further, our streets and alleys are cleaner.

In the area of health care service delivery, we have begun to close some of the gaps in health disparities with many community health clinics and a revitalized United Medical Center.

But one of the largest issues in Ward 8 and D.C. is unemployment. Currently, Ward 8's unemployment rate is at 35%. The City government does not have a comprehensive job training and job development program. Moving forward, job training, placement and, development lead

my list of priorities. I intend to push for major funding in job training, job development and job placement. I intend to work with Mayor Gray to get the private, business sector to hire more D.C. residents.

Presently, 30 percent of all city employees are non-D.C. residents. This is outrageous. I intend to push and support our city to require that all future city, D.C. employees are D.C. residents at the time of hiring or, that they become D.C. residents.

I will continue to pursue my conquest for quality education and the transformation of our public schools.

I shall continue to have a big vision and big plans for Ward 8, coupled with a can-do and a will- do attitude.

I love the residents of Washington in general and, Ward 8 in particular.

As the council member form Ward 8, I will do everything I can do to uplift and help Ward 8 residents continue to prosper."