Walmart Awards $1M Grant to CBCF

WI Web Staff Report | 10/19/2011, 11:26 a.m.
The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) has announced a $1 million grant from Walmart to...

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) has announced a $1 million grant from Walmart to support the CBCF/Walmart Emerging Leaders Internship Program. The announcement marks Walmart's renewed commitment to supporting deserving African-American college students who are interested in internships on Capitol Hill or with government agencies. Walmart has donated $2 million to this program since 2006.

The CBCF/Walmart Emerging Leaders Internship Program is a semester-long internship program that prepares participating students for careers in public service or the private sector. As a result of Walmart's funding, interns also receive a stipend and housing during their internships.

"CBCF is proud to accept this generous award from our partners at Walmart," said Donald M. Payne, CBCF chairman "There is nothing more important than investing in the futures of our young people," he continued. "The grant will help to ensure that CBCF will be able to develop leaders who will be primed to make a positive impact on the lives of African-Americans. It is a guaranteed return on investment that is immeasurable."

Walmart's first grant to the CBCF in 2006 - an initial $1 million, three-year grant, established the CBCF/Walmart Strive for Excellence Scholarship Program and the CBCF/Walmart Emerging Leaders Internship Program. The programs were created to provide students with the funding and experiences needed to reach their educational and career goals. Since 2007, more than 80 exceptional college-aged students have participated in the internship program.

Kimberly Woodard, Walmart's director of federal government relations, said diversity is core to Walmart's success, and that over the last six years it has raised the bar for congressional internships.

"We are always honored to partner with organizations that share our commitment to helping minority students succeed in life," Woodard, also a CBCF board member said."The congressional internship program is a wonderful example of an initiative for African-American students that works."

For more information about CBCF's internship programs, application criteria and deadlines, go to www.cbcfinc.org.