Baby, Baby

Zora Jimenez | 9/7/2011, 12:53 p.m.

On a recent trip to the mall to pick out several baby gifts for expectant friends, I realized just how few places there are to purchase specialized and unique baby gifts. A few minutes online and a barrage of distinctive designers and products surfaced. Among my favorite online shops:

Laura Holmes' Goody Goody, (www.goodygoody.com) which offers a wide range of unique baby clothes, shoes and gifts. Among my top picks are their special collection of designer infant leather shoes for babies. Goody Goody was started in the basement of Holmes' home, and for has been around for nineteen years. Goody Goody products are featured in boutiques, museums, catalogs, and websites nation and worldwide.

Baby's Language is another great place to shop. As one of the Internet's premiere spots for designer baby clothing, baby tees, diaper bags, baby bibs, twin sets, and personalized baby shirts, the selections are sure to be a hit for Moms and babies alike. As an aunt to twin nephews, I am most impressed with the great selection of twin gear that the Baby's Language site offers. My personal pick is the Copy & Paste Twin Set that pairs my love of writing with the twins' personalities. The computer savvy shopper will love the sets that has one twin marked as COPY (CTRL+ C) and PASTE (CTRL + V). Check them out at http://www.babyslanguage.com

For the proud multicultural family, The Swirl Syndicate company offers social and political message for mixed-race little tykes that, while a bit "mature" for the kids, are sure to get the point across. A close friend purchased the "She's my Mommy, not my Nanny!" t-shirt for her daughter Olive. Check them out at http://www.swirlsyndicate.com/

Also locally, Union Station's shopping gallery is home to several African-American owned shops that specialize in infant and toddler clothing.