Dick Gregory Heads Local Protest of British Petroleum

Shevry Lassiter and Shantella Y. Sherman | 9/7/2011, 12:33 p.m.

Rocker also said "Operation for People for Peace recognizes the magnanimity of this disaster and we are using our resources to help those affected by the spill. When large multi-national corporations like BP refuse to implement safety devices, creating disasters that killed 11 workers, causing the loss of 1.6 million jobs in this region, destroying much of the wildlife and threatening the ecology and economy of a fragile region - the result is nothing short of a human rights disaster, as well as an ecological one."

According to Rocker, Feinberg agreed through a series of meetings which took place over the past 11 months to make settlement of claims filed by the poor and underserved. Rocker stated, that "more than a year after the biggest oil spill in U.S. history ravaged the Gulf Coast region, Feinberg has yet to uphold his promise to respond to claimants."

In the Sept. 2 demonstration, protesters blocked the entrance to the office building by tying the ropes from their protest signs around the doors. D.C. police officers on the scene noted that it is not their policy to arrest protesters; however, the protesters moved inside the lobby of the office building which resulted in charges of trespassing on private property. Gregory and Rocker were arrested.

Gregory said "BP ain't seen nothing yet ... we will not continue to sit idly by while receiving nothing for the underserved and poor people. We will return to London to echo the fact that BP should not be a leading sponsor for the 2012 Olympics while refusing to pay the claims of the poor."

A boycott against BP and all BP products, including those sold in BP mini-marts, was announced during a brief press conference held during the protest.