FedEx Field,NRG Energy, Redskins, Prince George's County Officials in Alternative Energy Revolution

Tracey Gold Bennett | 9/15/2011, 10:23 p.m.
LANDOVER, MD -- -- A gentleman's agreement at the Super Bowl resulted in 8,000 solar...
Photo by Khalid Naji-Allah

Some 350 jobs were generated by the project and the lions-share went to people in the county. Panels are also going up on the side of the stadium -- another project where county residents received job opportunities.

"This is a terrific day," said Baker. "I want to make sure [Prince George's County is] the leader in the green economy."

So could Prince George's County become the Silicon Valley of alternative energy in the future? The county executive thinks so.

"I think we can, if you look at our ability," said Baker touting another "green" success in the county. "Edmonston is one of the greenest towns in the nation."

The new design includes several other solar features as well as 10 electric vehicle charging stations. The Redskins are keeping 1,780 metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere by using solar power. That's the equivalent of replacing 349 vehicles with gasoline engines with zero-emission electric vehicles.


To celebrate the introduction of solar and renewable technologies to consurmers at FedExField, Crane announced the "NRG Solar Bowl" Quarterback Challenge to be held on Sun., Sept.18, prior to the Redskins' home game against Arizona.

The NRG Solar Bowl Quarterback Challenge will feature Redskins legends Joe Theismann and Mark Rypien as well as pro and college MVPs Joe Montana and Doug Flutie. The Quarterback Challenge is intended to engage fans in the new sustainable energy initiatives at FedExField and highlight the importance of traditional and renewable energies as an important component of everyday life.