Seat Pleasant Welcomes 'Dunkin Donuts' Franchise

4/6/2012, 4:59 p.m.

Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene W. Grant and City Council members Johnie Higgs, Reveral Yeargin, and Gerald Raynor recently joined forces in welcoming the area's latest "Dunkin Donuts" franchise.

The new business, which is owned by Neil Patel and is located across from the Seat Pleasant Addison Metro Station, also attracted representatives from Sen. Barbara Milkulski and Congresswoman Donna Edwards' offices as well as leaders from the Prince George's County Redevelopment Authority and Prince George's Economic Development Corporation. They all mingled with community members a and enjoyed a cup of java and bagel before heading off to work.

"The City of Seat Pleasant is proud to welcome Mr. Neil Patel's Dunkin Donuts into our business community and we thank him for bringing his franchise to our residents," Grant said. "This property sat vacant for almost 12 years. Now people in our community have the option to come in and purchase donuts and coffee for their office, school or community event."

According to the 2010 U. S. Census, Maryland, with an overall unemployment rate of 6.6 percent -- compared to the national rate of 7.9 percent -- is among states with the lowest number of jobless individuals. But the despite a significant influx of new businesses that have opened in Seat Pleasant since Grant became mayor, the city's unemployment rate still hovers at just over 9 percent.

"It is because of huge disparities such as lack of employment opportunities in our community as an elected official I feel it is imperative to seek out businesses and attempt to bring them into our community," Grant said. "There is so much room for businesses to grow here, given our location and customer base, the City of Seat Pleasant is truly A City of Excellence and a great place for businesses to set up shop. We have to keep pushing ahead in order to grow economically and open up opportunities for employment in our own backyards."