SOCIAL STUDIES: DJ Cuzzin B An Interview with the Busiest Man on 'Two' Turntables

John Richards @jrichards202 | 4/6/2012, 11:59 a.m.

Washington Informer: It seems easier now more than ever to be a DJ, What do you think of all the "celebrity" and iPod DJ's that have come up lately?

DJ Cuzzin B: I've talked about this with a lot of my DJ friends and my thing is, if you're gonna be a "celebrity" DJ and you're really, really serious about it, study your craft. That's not the case with most "celebrity" DJ's. I remember when hip-hop artists starting getting into acting, and there was a big backlash, like a lot of the established actors were coming out against and speaking out on and really being insulted that rappers were getting into Hollywood just on star power. I compare it to that. I hear a lot of DJ's saying the same thing, like, you know, the music business is not what it used to be so a lot of these people are looking for a quick hustle. So I say that to say, I'll respect a "celebrity" DJ when I see a "celebrity" DJ really get on the turntables, or CDJ's, or whatever they do, and do it well, and sound like they really put time and effort into actually learning the craft. Quite honestly, I haven't heard that from most "celebrity" DJ's.

Washington Informer: It seems like technology makes it a lot easier for them to jump in, as well.

DJ Cuzzin B: That's just people in general not only "celebrity" DJ's. You gotta lot of people calling themselves "DJ's" now because, they have a, a laptop and a music library. It takes so much more, more than that and quite honestly, it's insulting to us real DJ's out here who put in the time and effort. I remember back in the day, when I was becoming a DJ, I had to earn the name "DJ". When I was starting out, I was just "Cuzzin B" until I earned the right to put "DJ" in front of that name. It's just not like that anymore.

Washington Informer: How did you come up with the name "DJ Cuzzin B"? Did a family member give it to you?

DJ Cuzzin B: My partner, who's my cousin, Jay*Clipp gave me the name. This is a silly story, but we went to college together in Mississippi and we used to always run together. He was there a year before me; we had a crew called Third Eye. He was very, very popular in school and he always referred to me as his "cousin". Like, 'Yo, Yo, this is my cousin'. He was always introducing me to people as his cousin; everybody started calling me "Cuzzin Bobby" [laughs]. "Cuzzin Bobby" just sounded country, so eventually; I took the "Bobby" off and changed it to "Cuzzin B". I credit Jay*Clipp for coming up with the name "DJ Cuzzin B".

Washington Informer: So, how did you connect with 9th Wonder?

DJ Cuzzin B: It's funny man, around the time when The Listening was coming out, I met him. That was about ten years ago now, I was at a LB (Little Brother) show, I think they opened up for Gang Starr. Actually even before that, I talked to one of the guys that worked at ABB at the time, I forget his name. We were on the phone one time, he was like, 'Yo, I got 9th on the line'. I'm just a big fan so, he threw him on the phone and we just had so much in common, as far as the music and the way we came up and that kind of stuff. So he's like, 'Yo, when you come to the show, holla at me'. That weekend he ended up inviting me out to dinner with all of his peoples, he has a lot of people in the DMV area, and of course we went me to the car and we listened to beats. This was before the Black Album and all of that kind of stuff. That was 10 years ago and we just been family ever since, man.