SOCIAL STUDIES: DJ Cuzzin B An Interview with the Busiest Man on 'Two' Turntables

John Richards @jrichards202 | 4/6/2012, 11:59 a.m.

Washington Informer: 9th Wonder obviously is a big name in music production. Tell me something that you've learned from him.

DJ Cuzzin B: I think more so than anything, my work ethic and my respect for hard work have multiplied tenfold since I met him. I'm willing to go harder now just watching him and watching his work ethic. Watching him churn out 50, 60 beats a day and keep going after that. You know, just sitting, watching him in the lab just crank out these beats all day every day. He's taught me, if I really wanna do this, if I really wanna do this DJ thing and transition it from hobby to career, you have to perfect it, you have to own your craft and constantly be practicing. Just watching him doing what he did with the production, I've learned to do the same thing on the DJ side. 9th is constantly working, the dude doesn't stop. Even now, he works like he's still trying to "get on" you know what I mean? So that's, that's the biggest thing I've learned from him. Just go hard and work hard and just really devote yourself to the craft.

Washington Informer: Do you have any plans of getting into the production side of the business?

DJ Cuzzin B: No, man. I know that's the usual path, DJ and going into production but, I'm not where I want to be on the DJ end yet. I got so much more to do on the DJ side, you know? I toy around with it, but you know I know myself and I know what's good. At this point in my career, I just wanna continue to evolve and get better as a DJ; I don't really see myself doing the production thing. I have a lot of ideas as far as different production, different projects, but actually making beats and that kind of stuff? I think I'm gonna leave that alone and leave that for the pros.

Washington Informer: You have your own crew, Point Blank DJ's, when did you start that?

DJ Cuzzin B: I started that a couple years out of school. Like I mentioned before, we had a crew called Third Eye Entertainment; myself, Jay*Clipp, DJ Phingaprint, B-Dub, DJ Conscience, and DJ Scrap. These are guys who are all my mentors, they all kinda took me under their wing and showed me the ropes, taught me how to get the DJ thing going. After graduation, myself, Clipp and Phingaprint really wanted to take it further and since we weren't in school anymore we just wanted to have a fresh start. So, about, I wanna, say 2002, 2003, Clipp and I did this mixtape called Soul for Sale, that's when we finally just said yeah we need to do this mixtape thing. People were really receptive to the mixtapes and we were constantly churning'em out. We just sat down and started to really concentrate on these events, these parties and these mixtapes and that's how Point Blank Entertainment started man.