Harry Thomas Ordered Back to Court

4/11/2012, 10:39 p.m.

Former Ward 5 Council member Harry Thomas Jr., who pleaded guilty last year to stealing $350,000 of city funding earmarked for youth sports programs, is being hauled back to court to ensure he makes good on a plan to repay $300,000 of the money.

Thomas, 51, agreed last summer to make six payments of $50,000 every six months until all the money was reimbursed. He made the first pay but fell short $30,000 on a second payment that was due this past December.

A subpoena was recently issued to Thomas to appear in D. C. Superior Court April 27 to explain why he has fallen behind and to ensure he will come into full compliance with the agreement made with the District.

Thomas' lawyer, Fred Cooke Jr., said in an interview that, "we're happy to cooperate with the subpoena or otherwise."