Cory Booker: Up, Up and Away to Higher Office?

Jason Johnson | 4/16/2012, 11:03 a.m.

To be honest, for all of his good press, I believe Booker's next move will be to stay right where he is. He could easily be Mayor-For-Life in Newark. His predecessor Sharpe James served for over 20 years while the city went to hell and his administration was knee deep in corruption. Booker would have no problem keeping his job given that he's done a good one.

More importantly an active mayor like Booker would go crazy as a Senator or member of the House where his initiatives would be stymied by the legislative process. While Chris Christie is up for re-election in 2013 targeting him now might not be in Booker's best interest.

The day before Booker's rescue job a new poll came out showing Christie enjoying his highest approval rating (59%) since being elected in 2009. As a colleague of mine pointed out, it's very likely that many New Jersey voters who like Booker and like Christie would overlap in a state-wide race which would mean re-election for Christie. Booker will likely take all of his hero political capitol and aim for the New Jersey governor's mansion in 2017 when Chris Christie is term limited out (or 2016 in a special election if Christie got into the White House).

There's really no rush for America's new favorite mayor. 2017 isn't that far away and I'm sure there are a lot more damsels in distress and runaway trains he can save before then.