Minority Youth Flourish Under AT&T's Aspire Initiative

Politic365 | 4/18/2012, 8:47 p.m.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell has thrown the support of his America's Promise Alliance behind AT&T Aspire, stating that the Alliance "was founded on the belief that young people must be our nation's greatest priority. Helping youth achieve their full potential is not just good for our country, it's good for business. AT&T understands this and is demonstrating that through its Aspire program."

Politic365`s Jeff Johnson, who spoke at an Aspire event in Washington, DC on March 28, remarked that it's "incredibly important any time young people are connected to a corporation to get a sense of the world around them and the options available to them. Furthermore, it's important that AT&T has these types of programs because the technology available to them will empower instead of entertain these young people, which is what AT&T is doing." Johnson was joined by Derrick Ashong for an informal discussion about education, careers and success.

Aspire is a model national education/vocational program that is making a tremendous difference to youth in minority communities across the country. As a nation, improving the education and jobs skills of our youth through programs like Aspire will go a long way toward turning this promising future into tomorrow's reality for America's youth.

"Today, I personally witnessed how AT&T's commitment to education can transform lives, said Claudia Jones, AT&T Vice President - Media Relations. "The students heard about all the different career options available to them when they persevere and stay in school. Most of all, they learned some powerful life lessons from Derrick Ashong and Jeff Johnson. I'd like to think that in a small way we made a difference in the lives of thirty-two high school students today."