Sudan Leader Omar al-Bashir Says 'No talks' with South

Wire Report | 4/23/2012, 4:29 p.m.

South Sudan's deputy head of intelligence, Mac Paul, described the bombing as a "declaration of war", according to the Associated Press.

South Sudan's military spokesman Col Philip Aguer said that Sudanese bombers had also targeted oil fields elsewhere in Unity state but that the extent of the damage was unclear.

Bentiu residents ran for their lives during the air raid

The attack was condemned by the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan and the United States, which called for an immediate end to violence.

A foreign ministry official in Khartoum denied that Sudan had carried out the raid, according to AFP.

Following months of border skirmishes, South Sudan sent its forces into Heglig earlier in April, saying the area was being used as a base for Sudanese attacks on its territory.

Heglig, which used to provide more than half of Sudan's oil, is internationally accepted to be part of Sudanese territory, but the border area is yet to be demarcated.

South Sudan says the area should belong to it, and that the issue should be resolved by international mediation.

Mr Bashir responded to the seizure of Heglig by saying that his main goal was now to "liberate" the people of South Sudan from its rulers, describing the former rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) government in Juba as "insects" that needed to be eliminated.