Romney's 'dog whistle' Racist Campaign

Askia Muhamad | 4/26/2012, 3:19 p.m.

Psychiatrist Frances Cress Welsing is blunt in her analysis of such coded hate-speech. "It is just like when Adolph Hitler was in power '33-'45 and he would so-call rant-and rave, and build up an emotional response, but the German people, consciously-subconsciously, understood what he was talking about, that kind of hysterical yelling and speaking. We see it in the speech of a Rush Limbaugh, for example, that people who are not in the 'save us group' think it's crazy, but other people understand it because it's sort of like a cry--'help, help, help,' alert, 'achtung, achtung," Dr. Welsing told me. That's the dog whistle. Some beings hear it. Others do not.

"People in Nazi Germany, the Semites of the Jewish religion wanted to be assimilated, wanted to be accepted as German, and to be accepted as White. So they were on a mission of, 'he can't mean what he says. We're German also.' It would be the same thing as black people here, 'we're Americans,' and 'this is nonsense,' and 'people don't really support this.'" Nugent and others say it. Romney supports it. Dog whistle.

We've got to open our eyes and ears to these bitter truths, even when people don't want to look at them, can't hear them. It's the dog whistle. When will Gov. Romney 'fess up to the truth about his religion and its coded hate messages? When will the rest of us?