Building the Village of Prosperity

WI Staff | 4/27/2012, 7 p.m.

Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker has taken on a long overdue and much needed project in his county. His mission - transforming neighborhoods - will require all of the needed resources he can muster to create the wealth and prosperity across the board.

Many county residents left the District of Columbia and its myriad of problems years ago in search of a better quality of life. But large swaths of the county never found their American dream and are constantly besieged by a struggling economy, poor schools, crime, and limited access to quality health care - problems many county residents want to ignore. But Baker won't ignore it and believes by adopting the "Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI)" he can lift all boats by giving every resident a chance to share and contribute to the county's prosperity.

The areas include: East Riverdale/Bladensburg, Glassmanor, Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights, Kentland/Palmer Park, Langley Park, and Suitland/Coral Hills. Baker's plan will need the cooperation of community leaders along with government agencies, 17 of which he has identified, that will bring "frequent, regular and consistent" services to the targeted communities. Baker promises that the success of the program will be monitored and measured and reviewed every six months. "This is not an initiative for this week, for this month or for the next year," Baker announced. "Instead, this is an initiative that will continue through the course of this administration, and we are going to make a difference."

We will be following the progress of the TNI, especially since many of these areas border the District. Its success will have a positive impact on the District just as years of neglect of these border areas have negatively impacted both jurisdictions.