Lexus Offers High-end Luxury in Power-Efficient Cars

Special to Informer | 8/8/2012, 3:29 p.m.

The GS 450h is standard equipped with 10 airbags, including a knee airbag for both driver and front passenger. Rear seat occupants have seat-mounted side airbags, and all four outboard occupants are equipped with side curtain airbags. Also standard are new Whiplash Injury Lessening [WIL] front seats that reduce the space between the occupant's head and headrest, to help limit excessive head movement, and help decrease the severity of whiplash-type injuries in certain types of collisions.

The car is also equipped with a pre-collision system, which uses the dynamic radar cruise control system to provide early warning of upcoming objects that might result in a collision. The system also uses an infrared camera to monitor the driver's eyes to check on driver status. In the event that the driver does not appear to be looking forward when a collision appears imminent, the system will initiate the warning at an earlier threshold. If the driver still does not respond and make the appropriate maneuver, the system will initiate light braking intervention up to two seconds prior to impact, designed to help to lessen the severity of the collision.

I especially loved the Heads Up Display that projects the car's speed on the windshield, the Blind Spot Monitor that helps detect vehicles in rear/side blind spots and Lane Keep Assist [LKA] with Lane Departure Warning [LDW]. LKA provides a small amount of active steering torque to help maintain course, while the LDW feature alerts the driver if the system detects that the vehicle is beginning to drift out of the lane.

I do not have many nits to pick with this car