Voter 'Fraud' Times 15 Million

Askia Muhammad | 8/16/2012, 3:03 p.m.

Sometimes I just can't figure us out. I think it's perfectly reasonable for individuals or groups of us to determine that we will not treat other individuals or groups like they are a "priority" as long as those individuals or groups treat us like we are "options."

White Americans are the greatest beneficiaries of this thinking among the descendants of Black freed slaves in America. We just go right along, looking the other way while they are doing us wrong, and then we quickly forgive them once they are caught and their evil deeds exposed. Well, we've caught them again with their hand in the cookie jar.

In a "free" society that holds itself out as the role model for the rest of the world, how can anyone be content when half of those eligible to vote don't even register and half the registered don't cast a ballot. That means electoral decisions are made in this country by a few more than one eighth of the electorate [half of the one-fourth of those who go to the polls]!

No wonder these Republican elected officials - servants of the wealthy - don't want the masses to vote. Things are fine and dandy for them, just the way they are: Thank you very much.

The latest evidence of the absolute hypocrisy of conservatives concerning voter fraud which is at the root of stringent voter ID laws proposed in 37 states is "a new nationwide analysis of more than 2,000 cases of alleged election fraud over the past dozen years shows that in person voter impersonation on Election Day... is virtually non-existent," this according to The Washington Post.

The fact of the matter is that the study exposed 10 cases of voter impersonation going back to the 2000 election. That amounted to one case of voter fraud for every 10 million eligible voters. So, what's the solution to this gnawing non-problem? Pass voter ID laws which will disenfranchise millions of mostly poor, mostly non-White, and mostly older voters.

I know how Election Day voter impersonation can be stopped dead in its tracks: put some of that purple dye they use in African elections on the finger of everyone who votes ... "Uh sir, you're not eligible to vote here because that purple dye on your finger means you already voted somewhere else.

I guess conservatives in this country are way smarter than Africans, so we'll never see a simple system like that - which is virtually foolproof - not in this country. Either that or they don't really care about free and fair elections; all they care about is seeing their candidate win.

The notion of rampant voter fraud in this country is itself a fraud, and surprisingly these scoundrels who preach this lie have got a majority of the public siding with them, thinking that voter fraud is a bigger problem in the U.S. than is voter suppression.

What are they worried about, some adversarial country like Iran, or Cuba, or Russia, or North Korea flooding the U.S. with fake voters, in order to steal an election one vote at a time?