Voter 'Fraud' Times 15 Million

Askia Muhammad | 8/16/2012, 3:03 p.m.

See that Black guy over there, in the bib overhauls with healthy amounts of dirt clods in his cuffs? You see him? He's from Ethiopia or somewhere. He's not an American. His fore-parents were not slaves, dragged to this country in chains and forced to work for centuries making White America wealthy. What other reason is there for a poor Black man to show up on Election Day, except to steal the election to benefit a candidate loyal to some foreign power?

That sounds preposterous doesn't it? It's about as far fetched as the idea that what the poor need in this country are "jobs." Bunk. There was 0 percent unemployment during slavery [or in feudal Europe]. The reason? It didn't matter if you worked or not, the slave master was responsible for feeding every mouth on the plantation.

After the end of slavery when the slaves were set "free" and had to subsequently pay for their own room and board, there was no longer a need by the rich land owners to put everyone to work, since all the workers now required compensation for their labor. That's when unemployment was born.

Well the Republican Party has been figuring out more and more elaborate plans to stay in power since the 2000 election, but in truth since the very birth of this country whose Founding Fathers were slave owners, when then only White, male property owners were allowed to vote.

Now, if the election is close, Republican operatives have perfected a plan to steal it while charging the victims with voter fraud. Brilliant.