Who's Playing 'The Race Card' Now?

Askia Muhammad | 8/23/2012, 4:31 p.m.

So, tell me, just who is it playing "the race card" in America? Why, it can't be all the Republican candidates nationally who tailor their political messages to appeal to that prejudiced White mind, can it? White folks might say they don't like President Obama because of the economy, or because of this, that, or the other, but the real deal is their conscious or unconscious racial attitudes influence the way they'll vote.

"In the study, a majority of White eligible voters showed a pattern labeled 'automatic white preference' on a widely used measure of unconscious race bias. Previous studies indicate that close to 75 percent of white Americans show this implicit bias," Mahzarin Banaji, a psychology professor at Harvard University and one of the study's collaborators wrote. The Race Card indeed!

So now, here comes Vice President Joseph Biden telling a largely Black group that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to take the government regulatory chains off the robber-barons on Wall Street, which would result in putting poor people "back in chains." Biden is right. They've almost done it already with their payday loans and their automobile title loans with usurious interest rates.

But our poor, innocent Republicans and their Wall Street pals are whining and crying and wetting their beds demanding that the Veep step back from his comments. But he didn't, and he shouldn't, because what he said is true.

In a court of law, Truth is an ABSOLUTE defense against libel or slander charges. In this court of public opinion, the truth of Vice President Biden's comments should carry the day against cheap charges of playing the race card.