Jermaine Dupri Remixes Electro-House Track 'Hell Yeah'

8/30/2012, 3:45 p.m.

ATLANTA - Music and entertainment maverick Jermaine Dupri continues to diversify his discography with new releases this year, including his latest offering, the remix to German producer/DJ Kurd Maverick's "Hell Yeah."

Released earlier this month, the electro dance track features an aggressive bassline and JD's signature vocals in the chorus. "With the 'Hell Yeah' remix, I'm doing pretty much what I've always done to records," says Dupri, "which is take a record that I like and remix it."

Dupri -- a resident DJ in Las Vegas with regular shows around the globe - maintains that songs like "Hell Yeah" dominate clubs outside the U.S. and are in the same vein as massive dance-pop hits such as Calvin Harris' "We Found Love" feat Rihanna and the David Guetta-produced "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

"Every week, I'm in all these clubs that are infusing hip hop and electro music," he says. "I'm constantly seeing these two worlds collide, so I felt like it would be a great collaboration to bring my vocals and celebrity to 'Hell Yeah.'"

Listen to Dupri's remix of "Hell Yeah" here: http://global14.com/new-music-kurd-maverick-jermaine-dupri-hell-yeah/.

Flack, Bryson Reunion Tour Possible

ATLANTA--Rare performances by Roberta Flack and her longtime musical mate, Peabo Bryson, attracted about 2,500 patrons in Atlanta who were provided separate performances by the two living legends as well. They will be touring most of the country.

Bryson, opened the two-hour show displaying the unique brand of vocalese that has garnered him Grammy Awards and other accolades throughout his successful 35-year career.

In a recent interview from his Atlanta home, Bryson reflected on his formative years in the Baptist churches of South Carolina's Piedmont region.

During his Atlanta performance, he displayed the gospel-like grit that helped him become a household name and romantic crooner with hit songs like "If Ever You're In My Arms Again" and the Disney hits which placed the soul crooner in a more classic category--"Aladdin (A Whole New World)" and "Beauty and the Beast"--his best-selling duets with singers Celine Dion and Regina Belle, respectively.

At midpoint of his show, Peabo announced he would revisit the R&B side of his career. To a rousing ovation, his rhythm section segued to a familiar intro into "I'm So Into You."

"I've always been very particular about the male singers that I work with. Luther (Vandross) was one of my background singers," she said during a pre-concert interview from her home in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.

"I really hoped that Peabo would accept--I knew he was the one fellow who could perform the songs Live--I'm talking about all those songs that Donny and I had recorded in the studio," she said.

Conversely, Bryson said he was pleasantly surprised that Flack chose him to do the live tour.

"I remember thinking, 'she wants me to sing with her'? I was so honored," he said.

During the first portion of Flack's show, she kicked-it-off with a smooth-but-funky version of her classic, "Feel Like Making Love."

Flack is forever known for her intricately sweet background vocal arrangements.

Both singers reminded us that they are musicians. Roberta, the classically-trained academician of Howard University, was comfortable at her baby grand piano, while Bryson surprised some while performing the Sade classic, "King of Sorrow," as he accompanied himself on an acoustic guitar.

Meanwhile, it's hoped the tour will at least visit select American cities in order to provide real-music lovers a unique opportunity to witness these two living legends.