Six Months Moratorium on Stopping the Killings

Charlotte A. Williams | 8/30/2012, 1:19 p.m.

Washington, D.C. - Cease Fire ... Don't Smoke the Brothers and Sisters, Inc. held its fifth annual Six Months Moratorium on Stopping the Killings cookout/ boxing match in association with Universal Madness last Saturday at Upshur Recreation Park. Threats of rain showers did not deter an estimated staggered crowd of 3000 from coming out. In spite of the nimbus clouds that later gave way to intermittent heavy down pours, the show went on. Some children giggled while bouncing up and down inside a moon bounce provided by the D.C. Fire Department, while others stood in line elsewhere excitedly waiting to get their faces painted. There was much to take in at this free event.

Adolescents and adults listened intently to speeches on "stopping the killings" by the following speakers: Minister Khadir Muhammad, Nation of Islam; Assistant Imam Shareef Muhammad, Masjid Muhammad; Barry LeNoir, United Black Fund (UBF); Obi Egbuna and Radio Personalities Yango Sawyer of the Mo Betta Man Radio Show; WOL 1450 AM,. and

Antonio The Cuban Cigar Smoker, WKYS 93.9 FM.

Through their song lyrics, the following bands addressed the issue to the throngs of people gathered: Wisdom Speeks, Jett Black DC and EU featuring Sugar Bear. Cease Fire ... DSTB & S

Founder/Executive Director Al-Malik Farrakhan also addressed the large audience. Before giving his speech, he reminded everyone that they were gathered to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the six months moratorium on stopping the killings and that it was being imposed for another six months, because of its five-year success rate. Farrakhan ended his speech with his poetry rap, In Jail, That's Hell. Lamont Carey, an HBO star poet, performed in spoken word avoiding the lures of the streets that lead to prison.

DC Councilman Vincent B. Orange (At large.), Ward 4 DC Councilwoman Muriel Bowser, and

Barry LeNoir, UBF, all praised Farrakhan for Cease Fire's ,,, DSTB & S work over the many

years in the community before they addressed the crowd on the issue of stopping the killings.

Farrakhan thanked them and then introduced a legend in the music world to the mike.

Max Kidd, singer/producer/promoter extraordinaire, worked with those who also could be called legends in their own right, people like Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, and Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. Afterwards, Sugar Bear (EU), drummer JuJu (EU) and Kidd's godson Caesar Morgan (Cease Fire ... DSTB & S, schooled the audience on Kidd's rich history in the music world. Sugar Bear credited him with opening the door up to go-go music.

Next, Farrakhan awarded the following people the "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" award for their commitment to Cease Fire ... DSTB & Sover the years: Jenkins Dormu, Obi Egbuna, Darian Faulk, James Greene, Leslie Darb James, Martin Kelly, Jihad Lugman, Rooman Millard, Eric Tapp and Allen Timus. Called the "Mother of Cease Fire ... DSTB & S", former Assistant Executive Director Dhuha Al-Mahdi's (nee- Lorraine Diane Hoosier) received a posthumous award. Farrakhan was surprised when his board and volunteer staff presented him with the same award for his love and commitment to stopping the killings throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Barry LeNoir received the Legacy Achievement Award for his longstanding support of black people throughout this country.