Six Months Moratorium on Stopping the Killings

Charlotte A. Williams | 8/30/2012, 1:19 p.m.

The amateur boxing match was canceled due to heavy rain but it did not stop people from enjoying the free event. The racially-mixed crowd of African Americans, Latinos and whites, drank water and sodas and feasted on beef hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, fish, green beans, macaroni and cheese, and much more, all cooked and prepared by a family of chefs related to Tyrone Johnson of Universal Madness. Ms. Lee of Smokey's Carryout in the 4712 - 14th Street, N.W., cooked and donated chicken wings and potatoes for the event. Farrakhan kept to his rule that all senior citizens be treated like royalty and remain in their seats to be waited on and served by current and former gang members. All day, people ate and danced to their delight as the bands funked up the park with singing and pulsating rhythmic beats. Before leaving, each child got to take home a free backpack, donated by the mayor's office (450) and Silk Stockings Social Club (150).

The following persons from Unity Health Care Organization cheerfully passed out literature, talked to those who ambled over to their table or performed screenings on anyone who asked: Dr. Brenda Crowder-Gaines, Health Center Director, Unity at D.C. General, Pauline Jeffries Richardson, Health Center Director - Hunt Place, Nicole Brown, Lab Medical Assistant - Southwest and Michelle Briscoe, Patient Registration Clerk -Brentwood. Crowder-Gaines told this writer that 20 people were screened. Continuing, she said: "We had a wonderful time and cannot wait for next year's Six Month's Moratorium on Stopping the Killings cookout/boxing match to participate."

A voting registration table was set up and manned by Ava Williams, who registered several people. Noticeably missing at this event was a police presence. When asked about it, Farrakhan said, "Cease Fire ...DSTB & S does not request police presence at our large events; we police our own crowd." Continuing, "We can boast that we have never had a violent eruption in our 17-year history at any of our events."

Cease Fire ...DSTB & S thanks the following sponsors: Industrial Bank, Ben's Chili Bowl, Silk Stockings Social Club, Coca Cola, D.C. Sports and Wrestling Commission, Douglas Development, Fitzgerald Wheaton Dodge, Bank of Georgetown, DC Councilman Jim Graham, DC Councilman Vincent B. Orange (At Large) Skinners Institute, Inc.and Walmart.

Cease Fire ... DSTB & S is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that does not receive any government funds. Farrakhan says they accept donations year round. All checks should be sent to:

Cease Fire Don't Smoke The Brothers & Sisters

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