The 'Politricks' of White Supremacy

Guest Columnist | 8/30/2012, 11:34 a.m.

Extremism is on the rise once again across America and sometimes it takes a very violent form such as the Oak Creek suburban community near Milwaukee, where self-avowed White supremacist Wade Michael Page, attacked a peaceful people in a Sikh Temple and killed six of the 10 people that he shot. Thus, this is not just about political campaigns or the tricky tongues of wealthy politicians. This is about life, safety and not being intimidated by those who are determined to retrogress into a society based on inequality, injustice, and racial and political hatred.

We have come too far and already suffered too much to contemplate any notion of going backwards. We will not allow the politricks of the present moment to divert us off course. Nor will allow our consciousness to be dulled by the attempts of the perpetrators of injustice and economic inequality to make some of us believe that the social conditions of Black Americans and others are in a permanent, irreversible state. Change has happened and more change will happen again. Our job and responsibility is to stay focused and keep our eyes and minds on the realizable prize of empowerment, equality and equity. Forward ever, backwards never!

Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. is president of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and Education Online Services Corporation. He also serves as senior adviser for the Diamond Empowerment Fund and National Director of Occupy the Dream and can be reached at drbenjamin.chavis@gmail.com