Contracts Can Present New Workforce Opportunities

WI Staff | 12/5/2012, 9:40 a.m.

Finding the Work

Just as volunteering often leads to employment, so does being a contingent worker. If you find yourself displaced or without a job, a contingent role could bridge the income gap until you find permanent employment. Many people find that they enjoy the flexiblity and freedom of working contingently and they start their own businesses. Check sites such as Guru, Craigslist and SoloGig for project-based work.

Becoming part of a network affiliated with your services can be very useful for finding work independently. You should also post a profile on social networks, such as LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com). Maintaining your membership with professional organizations and attending network meet-ups are advantageous ways to spread the word to possible clients.

Be sure to sign up with temporary agencies such as Kelly Services, Agile 1 and Manpower. A significant number of temporary workers have landed full-time employment within organizations that use these temp agencies.

Some agencies, such as Lab Support and Lab Staffing, are specialized for life science-related fields, so be sure to approach agencies that have high odds of placing you in your area of skill.

Tammy McIntyre is owner of McIntyre Employment Service, an agency providing individuals and small businesses with career development services. She welcomes reader responses to tammy@mcintyre-employment.com.