Lincoln, Lies and Black Folk

Special to Informer From Final Call | 12/11/2012, 2:25 p.m.

From there, Spielberg gives us Black caricatures direct from the set of Gone With The Wind. We see Mrs. Lincoln's mulatto maid, Mr. Lincoln's dutiful butler, the trusty carriage driver, the obligatory Blacks praising God for the White man's largesse, and the Lincolns' child oddly playing with slavery photos like they are baseball cards. Jewish writer Tony Kushner puts "nigger" in the mouths of too many whiteys, but not in the mouth of Lincoln, who actually used the word with chilling regularity.

And then there is the last scene, when Thaddeus Stevens, played by Tommy Lee Jones, grabs the original copy of the 13th Amendment and brings it home, where he is greeted by his Black housekeeper Lydia Smith, played by S. Epatha Merkerson. He presents it to her with the words "a gift for you," whereupon the satisfied servant crawls into bed with the White man, for a night of emancipation fornication, one assumes.

Centuries of slavery meant the daily debasement and brutal rape of the Black woman (see Legitimate Rape: A Truly American History). In his nauseating reconstruction Spielberg shows us what he feels are the "benefits" of the legal end of slavery--even more of the White man's sexual debasement of the Black woman!

In reality, Abraham Lincoln is no hero for the Black man. Ebony Magazine editor historian Lerone Bennett wrote a landmark 652-page book titled Forced Into Glory that really ends all debate in the matter. But Hollywood would have to hold its nose in reading the true history of Lincoln's racial words and deeds. And then there's the forgotten fate of the Native American, whose Holocaust was accelerated by Lincoln's murderous expansionist policies, which unleashed violent White settlement on Indian lands in the West.

In analyzing the insufferable idolization of this supreme White supremacist, one is reminded of the words of Elijah Muhammad: "Abraham Lincoln was not instrumental in trying to free you....The truth will make you free."

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