Zimmerman Files Lawsuit against NBC

12/11/2012, 2:13 p.m.

ORLANDO, FL -- George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the February death of Trayvon Martin, recently filed a lawsuit against NBC and three affiliated reporters, claiming he was defamed when the network edited his 911 call to police to make it sound like he was racist.

The former neighborhood watch volunteer, who has pleaded not guilty in the youth's shooting death, filed the lawsuit in Seminole County, Fla., near Orlando, seeking an undisclosed amount of money.

Zimmerman's complaint reportedly states that the edited call has caused him emotional distress and that he fears for his life. He also claims to have suffered from nausea, insomnia and anxiety.

According to a report, "NBC saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so set about to create a myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain," the lawsuit claims.

NBC has said through a spokeswoman, that the network strongly disagreed with Zimmerman's accusations.