Don't Get Too Attached to Cousins

Charles E. Sutton | 12/27/2012, 1:14 p.m.

A Sports Commentary

Hometown fans have the tendency to become attached to the backup quarterback. Redskins' fans are no exception.

A couple of weeks ago, Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins had a really good game, going 26 of 37 for 329 yards and two touchdowns in guiding the Redskins to a 38-21 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

But I must warn all Redskin fans. Never get too attached to the backup quarterback.

Cousins is a fourth-round draft choice. If you can turn that fourth-round draft pick into two second-round picks, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. Particularly when you spent a fortune to get your starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III.

Keep in mind, there are many other Cousins available. You can draft another one in the late rounds next year and allow him to be tutored by third-string quarterback Rex Grossman. That's right, Rex Grossman. He has played a significant role in the development of both Griffin and Cousins this season. Grossman is a ten-year NFL veteran who has led his team to the Super Bowl and become a quality quarterback mentor for the Redskins. There's no reason to think that he can't do the same thing next season for another late-round rookie quarterback.

Grossman is still good enough to have led the Redskins to a victory over the Browns. In fact, he's the insurance policy that would enable them to convert the Cousins pick into maybe an offensive lineman or secondary player of the future.

Draft choices are exactly what this team needs to progress, especially next season if Washington is stuck with the $18 million salary cap penalty the league has imposed on them.

The Redskins emptied their pockets to sign Griffin, trading three first-round choices and a No. 2. Now they have an opportunity to recoup some of that money. Even though they have an 8-6 record and are in first place in their division, they still need significant roster help.

Washington has deficiencies throughout their team. They need help on the offensive line, defensive line, and in the secondary. Griffin has been so good that he has managed to cover those shortcomings. But the Redskins need to strengthen their foundation, and the best way to do that is through draft picks.

Cousins has done just enough to attract a number of teams. I wouldn't be surprised if teams such as the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs made the Redskins offers that would be too sweet to refuse.