Gray Outlines Accomplishments of First Year in Office

WI Web Staff Report | 1/2/2012, 8:47 a.m.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Mayor Vincent C. Gray , who marks a year in office this month, has released a report summarizing major achievements in each of his four major priority areas. Among them are job growth and economic development, quality education for all, fiscal stability and building safe communities. Gray has also focused on the District's self-determination cause and sustainability.

"From Day One, I haven't let anything distract me or my administration from getting results in the priority areas we talked about during the mayoral campaign last year, and I'm proud that we've seen major achievements in each of those areas," Mayor Gray said. "I look forward to getting even more results for the people of the District of Columbia in 2012."

The report briefly outlines significant achievements such as:

* Moving forward with billions of dollars' worth of privately funded development projects - some previously stalled - and the placement of more than 1,400 previously unemployed District residents in jobs through the One City One Hire program.

* The continuation of successful education reform and new growth in the District's traditional and charter public schools.

* The proposal and adoption of the District's first structurally balanced budget in years - including funds to replenish the city's crucial reserve accounts.

* The lowest number of homicides in nearly 50 years and funding for 300 new Metropolitan Police officers, reversing a decline in the force.

* Worldwide attention to the District's self-determination cause and a commitment from a key House Republican leader to find ways to increase the District's budget autonomy.

* A new, comprehensive sustainability plan and a commitment to make the District the world's most sustainable city.

* A cutting-edge municipal high-speed fiber network with 100-gigabit-per-second (100G) service - enabling the kind of technology-infrastructure development vital to competing in a 21 st -century economy.

* A significant reduction in the numbers of District special-education students in private placements, enabling students to get the education they deserve in the District's own schools alongside their peers and neighbors - thus cutting down on their commute times as well as extra tuition and transportation expenses for the District.

"We've made a lot of progress this year doing exactly what I promised to do when I ran for Mayor: improving prospects and outcomes for all kinds of people across our entire city," Mayor Gray said. "I'm proud of our efforts, and want to thank my hardworking staff and all of our District agencies for helping make the District of Columbia a better place to live than it was a year ago."