Sassafras...A Complete Dining Experience

Shevry Lassiter | 1/2/2012, 12:42 p.m.

The Fairwood Community in Bowie, Md., home to elegant homes and shopping centers with numerous amenities, is now home to Prince George's County's first tapas restaurant--Sassafras Restaurant and Lounge.

Since opening its doors at the Fairwood Shopping Center a month ago, the Fairwood community has welcomed Sassafras as its new neighbor. Residents who have been looking for an upscale, quality dining restaurant certainly will not be disappointed.

As most people are watching their weight and what they eat, Sassafras has responded with tapas-styled plates, making it a bit easier to cut back on calories by reducing portion sizes.

The stylish decor is phenomenal - simple but very pleasing to the eye. It's like being in your own living room where the atmosphere is very relaxing. You won't get $5.00 specialty drinks in this lounge.

Entertainment wise, the venue can only hold up to a three-piece band so periodically the lounge

will host percussionists, keyboards and horns for a laid-back jazzy sound.

In only a few weeks time, the lounge has garnered quite a few regulars.

"I love establishing customers as regulars," said Candie Gardner, Sassafras's general manager, a respected and tenured culinary professional with over 20 years experience in the restaurant management business. "Since we have been opened some of the same people have been coming here every day."

Fred Robinson, president of the Marleigh Community Home Owner's Association said, "I've been living in Bowie for 10 years, and was looking for an ambiance in our community that provided excellent cuisine, very interesting people, a comfortable environment that is somewhat seasonal, and a place where you can just come and relax. I support this restaurant 100% -- so far I've brought several friends and family here and my wife and I will be joining the restaurant for New Years. We've found that this is another lovely place to spend time with friends."

Sharon Ransome and Joe Johnson of Lanham, Md. agreed their goal is an all around enjoyable atmosphere.

"The decor, ambiance and upscale nature of the lounge is what we look at," Ransome said. "We don't want to be crass but we're looking at a place we can come to and enjoy ourselves with people we feel comfortable with. The amount of people here is perfect, not overcrowded, not loud - you can talk and hear each other."

Patrice Smith called it "something so clean, fresh and relaxing, [with such a] calming atmosphere ... great to meet your girlfriends, grab a drink and laugh or the perfect place for an interesting date. The food is delicious! An absolute jewel to the Bowie area!"

Specialty items on the menu include appetizing short ribs of beef with cheesy grits, scrumptious pan-seared scallops with spinach, tasty catfish fingers, sassy boom boom shrimp, and mouth-watering cheese steak and chicken steak eggrolls.