D.C. Residents Call for Fewer Bars on H Street

WI Staff Writer | 1/19/2012, 12:02 p.m.

She also blamed city planners for not making Black people an integral part of the rebuilding of the H Street Northeast corridor.

"They built it up around them," she said. "They are putting up condominiums, but they are not putting up low-income housing for people in the area. That leaves more people homeless and jobless."

Meanwhile, if Darnell Thomas has his way, he would choose youth friendly activities to put on the corridor and fewer watering holes. The youth need places to go, too, said Thomas who is a Muslim.

"They took the library. Why would you take a library down? So now the youth have no place to go," he said, referencing the closing of the R.L. Christian Library kiosk in 2008. "Every neighborhood should at least have a library," he sighed.

He didn't understand the closing of the Children's Museum at 3rd and H streets. It was converted to luxury condominiums, one of which is occupied by former Mayor Anthony Williams, who targeted H Street as one of the areas slated for revitalization.

Thomas said there should be a greater focus on "our children." Maybe a burger joint with a dance floor. "So the kids can cut loose," he said. Or maybe an arcade.

Thomas doesn't believe there is anything wrong with places that sell alcoholic beverages, though his religion prohibits the use of the drink. "There is just too many on one street."