Zimmerman: 'It Was God's Plan'

Politic365 | 7/19/2012, 10:35 p.m.

In his first television interview, George Zimmerman told Fox News' Sean Hannity he had no regrets about killing Trayvon Martin..,"I feel that it was all God's plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it..." Zimmerman said trailing off at the end

"No, sir," Zimmerman answered. Later in the interview Zimmerman says, "I'm sorry this happened" but that he didn't regret having a gun that day, getting out of his vehicle or following Martin. Zimmerman shot Martin to death on February 26.

"We must worship a different God," Martin's father, Tracy Martin told Associated Press reacting to Zimmerman's interview with Hannity.

Martin family attorney Daryl Parks said there was no way Trayvon Martin could have known who Zimmerman was the night Zimmerman shot Martin. Parks said, "If you're a teenager and someone is following you in a car .... you should be scared -- common sense tells us that."

Parks also said that Zimmerman's attorney's gave the prosecution "a gift" by contradicting what he told the police dispatcher on February 26 with what he said to Hannity during the interview.