The Bain-Pain of the Romney Campaign: He's Hiding Something

Askia Muhammad | 7/20/2012, 10:04 a.m.

What the release of Romney's tax returns will reveal, is just how much money he was paid, when he was paid it, by whom, for what, and where he banked it. When he released his 2010 tax return for example, observers discovered that he had a Swiss bank account, that he stashed money and owned a company in Bermuda, and that he stashed more cash in the Cayman Islands, countries well known for being tax havens where the wealthy hide their money to avoid paying higher taxes in this country - taxes that Ordinary Joes cannot avoid. So a more complete disclosure of his tax returns might very well expose other, similar chinks in Gov. Romney's I'm-a-successful-capitalist-which-is-why-you-should-elect-me-president, political armor.

My guess is that when Gov. Romney is forced by public pressure, and by down-ballot Republicans to stop whining and to "man-up" and release his tax returns going back to the disputed years on his Bain Capital resume, that will spell the beginning of the final unraveling of his campaign - his Bain-pain will be the bane of his campaign, and he can thank his own father, Gov. George Romney, for setting the trap from which he the son, Gov. Mitt Romney cannot escape.