Questions Every Birther Should be Asking

Askia Muhammad | 7/30/2012, 9:15 a.m.

Well, for one thing, many of these right wing zealots don't believe in taxes to begin with. Maine Gov. Paul LaPage for example compared the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] to the Gestapo, the dreaded Nazi secret police. Then he apologized to Jewish Holocaust victims [but not to any federal workers], then he said it again. Right wingers believe the IRS and the Federal Reserve Bank are demonic creations. So morally to these guys, someone who does not pay income taxes is a hero of sorts.

And to be fair, tax "avoidance" such as would likely be revealed by release of the Romney returns is not illegal. Tax "evasion" is a crime, but multi-millionaire Romney probably paid what he legally owed, but he certainly used every tax loophole the law allows, possibly even managing to pay no taxes at all when the economy tanked in 2008-2009, despite his millions.

What continues to befuddle me is how they convince the poor, paycheck-to-paycheck, ordinary citizens that being smart like President Obama is a bad thing, but being filthy rich at other people's expense like Gov. Romney is a good thing.

The answer is because they all want to be rich with a life of ease, like Romney. Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck explained the confusion. He said America's poor do not see themselves as exploited masses, but as "temporarily embarrassed millionaires."

Any questions? Go Romney!