Zimmerman Tries to Speak for God

Guest Columnist | 7/30/2012, 9:28 a.m.

George Zimmerman, the Florida man who killed Trayvon Martin, told Fox News personality Sean Hannity that the events that occurred on February 26, 2012 were "God's will." What a cynical manipulation of our Creator, to suggest that the massacre of an African American teenager by a crazed vigilante is the will of God. Actually, if one wants to know about God's will, one might simply to go to the Ten Commandments, the sixth of which is quite explicit: Thou shall not kill.

George Zimmerman has proven himself to be a multiple liar. He called himself destitute while collecting tens of thousands of dollars from a website that was formed to fund his defense. A judge put him back in jail for that lie. He declined medical attention the night he killed Trayvon, and then showed up the next day with bumps on his head, but no evidence of who put them there. This is the equivalent of a drunk driver fleeing the scene of an accident and turning himself in sober the next day. Now, Zimmerman faces a camera from an undisclosed location because he fears death threats, faking sincerity and regrets but saying that Trayvon's death is God's will.

Trayvon Martin's death is not God's will but Zimmerman's, and the will of those legislative vigilantes who have passed "Stand Your Ground" laws in many states. Trayvon's death is the will of those who have peddled these vigilante laws all over the nation. Just as Zimmerman has manipulated the God's word, he has also manipulated the truth, and he ought to be ashamed.

Note that "Stand Your Ground" laws are different from the "Castle Laws" that allows residents to use force against those who unlawfully enter their property. These laws have their own downside - witness the case of a man who shot Halloween trick-or-treaters. But these laws allow folks to shoot people (as opposed to formerly held laws where one was required to retreat) if they are in a place where a defendant is allowed to be. Using such laws, had Trayvon had a weapon he might have justifiably used it on Zimmerman, since he had the same right to be on the streets as Zimmerman. But does anyone have any doubt that if the shoe were on the other foot, Trayvon would have been allowed to leave jail without being charged?

George Zimmerman says this case has divided our nation, and he is, perhaps right. How else could an admitted killer garner more than $200,000 via the Internet unless some rabid souls choose to support the wanton massacre of young African American men? At the same time, this admitted killer has had hubris enough to provoke the New Black Panther Party to make him the target of incendiary rhetoric. But the New Black Panther Party, a small organization that is more bark than bite, may have offered a death threat. Zimmerman, who was told not to follow Trayvon Martin, actually committed one, and were it not for the national attention this case has garnered, might have never been charged with the evil he committed.