Redskins Move Training Camp to Richmond

Charles E. Sutton | 6/11/2012, 1:56 p.m.

Starting next summer the Redskins will conduct training camp away from their headquarters in Ashburn, Va. The decision gives Coach Mike Shanahan just what he wanted. The Redskins will expand their facility in Ashburn, ensuring the team will be there for many years to come, which is a dream come true for Loudoun County.

The state of Virginia and the team announced Wednesday that the Redskins will hold training camp in Richmond starting in 2013. A specific site for the camp remains undetermined. Richmond is considering a number of locations for the site and will be making announcements regarding that process in the days and weeks ahead. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will join Redskins officials on Aug. 4 to celebrate the deal. McDonnell has approved an initial $4 million "performance-based grant to support the expansion and retention" of Redskins Park.

Since joining the Redskins in 2010, Shanahan has expressed his desire to conduct training camp elsewhere. He feels that this would create a stronger bond between the players. Except for a two-year stint in Carlisle, Pa., the Redskins have trained in Ashburn most of the past 12 years. They also held camp in Frostburg, Md., prior to the year 2000.

The District of Columbia, Bowie State University and other interested parties have attempted to lure the Redskins into relocating on their turf. In 2027, their stadium lease at FedEx Field expires. As that time approaches, there will be even more attempts to persuade the Redskins to move their facility out of Virginia.

Redskins Park opened in 1992. Dan Snyder purchased the team in 1999, and since that time, the facility has been through several renovations. Last month, they opened an indoor practice site.

"At this time in order to make a more seamless transition instead of trying to pick up roots and move 60 players and 25 coaches and everything else, we felt the best thing to do was remodel what we have here, make this facility state of the art," Bruce Allen, Redskins general manager, said.

"Virginia considers the Redskins our team. Virginia is committed to keeping the Redskins right here in our state for years to come, and today we've taken a significant step towards accomplishing that goal,"McDonnell added in statement.