Obama is Not the First 'Black President'

Guest Columnist | , Wilmer J. Leon Iii | 6/13/2012, 1:48 p.m.

In theory, Nutter is correct when he writes, "Throughout the past three years, President Obama has been focused on building an economy that is built to last. And in spite of the obstacles, the economy is making progress and each month, more and more Americans, and African Americans are getting back to work."

The reality is that while the unemployment rate for the country is 8.2 percent; the official unemployment rate for African Americans is double that at 16.6 percent. The president's efforts will not address chronic income disparity or the wealth gap.

What too many in the Black community refuse to accept is as Harris wrote, "If he won't do it (support Black interests) on his own, Obama will have to be pressured to act and to keep the few promises he made to black America in 2008. This is not a failure of Obama; it's the failure of the community to move from the politics of personality to the politics of policy. Obama's not the first Black President; he's the first President who is Black."

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