Rodney King Dies

6/17/2012, 3:57 p.m.

Rodney King, who catapulted to fame after his beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 was documented on videotape, has died. He was 47.

Reports state that King was found dead early Sunday by his fiance at their home in Rialto, Calif. His body was found at the bottom of the home's swimming pool. There were no signs of foul play, but an autopsy was scheduled.

King's fiance called 911 after discovering his body.

"She did try to save him. However, she is not a good swimmer and chose to call 911," Capt. Randy Deanda with the Rialto Police Department, said in an interview.

King's beating touched off one of the nation's most destructive race riot,s and resulted in a lawsuit which netted King a $3.8 million settlement from the city of Los Angeles.

At the time of the beating, King had been stopped on a darkened street for speeding. He was also cited for driving under the influence. Four police officers reportedly struck King more than 50 times with their batons. They also kicked and shot him with stun guns.

In 1992, the officers were acquitted, sparking a riot that lasted three days and left 55 people dead. Hundreds more were injured.

King, known for his famous pleading, "Can we all get along?" went on to struggle with substance abuse over the years -- and even made an appearance on the TV reality show, "Celebrity Rehab."

He also released a book in April titled, "The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellious to Redemption."

In reflecting earlier this year on the 20th anniversary of his beating, King stated that he was still trying to find a way to lead a good life.

"I've learned from all of my mistakes. I am a work in progress," he said. " I'm constantly working on myself, knowing what my limits are and feeling comfortable with me."