Gray Submits Bill to Name Park for Chuck Brown

6/19/2012, 5:22 p.m.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray has submitted a bill to the D.C. Council that pays homage to late Go-Go music icon Chuck Brown.

The Chuck Brown Park Designation Act of 2012 would designate the western portion of Langdon Park, between 18th and 20th streets in Ward 5 Chuck Brown Park.

"Chuck Brown, Go-Go music and the District of Columbia are inextricably linked to each other, and it's appropriate that the Godfather of Go-Go should be honored by the city that embraced him and his music," Gray said in a statement. "I promised at his memorial service that we would name a park in his honor, and that it would symbolize Chuck, a place where there is action, people, traffic; the sounds of a city. A park where Chuck's music can be played and where people can enjoy themselves as they always did while listening to Chuck Brown perform."

Brown's responded, saying:

"We would like to thank Mayor Gray for this great honor and encourage the D.C. Council to pass this legislation. We pray the park will be a place where all people can come together to celebrate the things that were most important to Chuck and his fans: family, life, peace and love."

Brown passed away on May 16 at age 75, following a lengthy illness.