Bowl Championship Series Has Its Work Cut Out

Charles E. Sutton | 6/25/2012, 12:06 a.m.

Commissioners Working on Playoff Plan

Mike Silve, the Southeastern Conference Commissioner, would like to come away from the latest Bowl Championship Series' meetings with his fellow commissioners prepared to pitch a four-team playoff to the university presidents.

Silve, Jack Swarbrick (Notre Dame's athletic director), and the leaders of the 10 major college football conferences were recenlty back in Chicago for another round of talks regarding the creation of two national semifinal games which would lead to a championship game. This is the sixth time this year that a formal meeting has been held about the future of the BCS. It is also the second of such meetings that has been held in Chicago in about a week.

"I expect we'll continue to make good progress on the four-team playoff," Silve said prior to the start of the meeting. "We'd like to get as far as we need to get to make a comprehensive presentation to our presidents next week."

Big Ten Conference Commissioner Jim Delany told reporters the commissioners don't need to complete every detail of a plan for a new post-season before they adjourn. Silve echoed Delany's sentiments.

"My hope is that we come out with a consensus on a four-team playoff model and what it looks like," Silve said.

At the April meetings in Florida, for the first time the commissioners all acknowledged that they were headed in the direction of a four-team playoff. Since that time, some discussion of a so-called plus-one has eased its way back into the conversations about the future of college football's postseason.

The plus-one model is different from the current system in that the championship game match-up is determined after the major bowl games are played. But there are no semi-finals, thus, it's not a four-team playoff, which is something Silve has wanted for years.