Seat Pleasant Mayor Honored

6/26/2012, 10:24 a.m.

Over the years, Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene W. Grant has worked diligently to bring partners such as the University of Maryland's Prevention Research Center and School of Public Health into the community and better the lives of residents with free health based events.

Mayor Grant has already hosted the Life's Simple 7 event at Faith Temple #2 Baptist Church, first annual Autism Awareness Conference at Seat Pleasant Elementary School, and the third annual Seat Pleasant Health Summit at the University of Maryland School of Public Health where he brought 50 local area seniors and about 100 students from Fairmont Heights and Central High Schools to a day of health learning activities to educate and improve their quality of life.

"The overall health of my community, and access to health information and services is of the utmost importance in my administration," said Grant. "I am honored to be recognized by our partners at Prince George?s Hospital Center for this prestigious award, and will continue to fight for more health resources and a better quality of life for my community and residents."

Grant is currently serving his 8th year as mayor. During his tenure, he has successfully tripled the size of the police Department, reduced crime by 33 percent, improved the infrastructure of the city, ended each year with a surplus and raised thousands of dollars for the local elementary school.

Grant serves as Chairman of the Board for Health Empowerment Network of Maryland,pof the Maryland Black Mayor's Community Development Corporation, Chief Executive Officer for Global Development Services for Youth, and a member of numerous other organizations both domestically and internationally. Grant can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.