DC Public School Unveils Middle Grades Plan for Ward 5

3/7/2012, 10:39 a.m.

In world language programs, schools offer at least two languages; provide high school credits for some classes; provide yearlong programs with a goal of 135 minutes of instruction time each week; and educators specialize in the languages they teach. Browne Education Campus

Browne Education Campus, which already offers a grade 6-8 program, will serve the southeastern portion of Ward 5 with 300 and feature an International Baccalaureate (IB) for the primary years (preschool-Grade 5) and the middle years (grades 6-8). An IB curriculum is one of the ways we can see more rigor, increased student outcomes, and a specialized curriculum.

In an IB primary years program, teachers and students assess student work; the curriculum covers traditional subjects and interconnects them as well (for example, a social studies lesson may incorporate math concepts); and students acquire a holistic understanding of six themes: Who we are; where we are in place/time; how we express ourselves; how the world works; how we organize ourselves; and sharing the planet.

In an IB middle years program, student work is assessed with guidance from the International Baccalaureate; there is an emphasis on formative assessment; courses include Language A and B, physical education, sciences, arts, math, technology, and humanities; and five perspectives, or ?areas of interaction? are factored in each subject. McKinley Middle School STEM integration

In a STEM integration program, features include grade-level team collaboration; at least two showcases of student work; STEM-related competitions; and interaction with STEM professionals each year. Next steps

At the March 6 meeting, families and community members were asked to sign up for committees and working groups that will focus on recruitment and outreach, school-based transition, and building renovation.

These committees and working groups will work with DCPS officials over the next year and a half to finalize details before the 2013-14 school year, the targeted opening date.