The Redskins 2012 Draft and the Quest for RG3

Charles E. Sutton | 3/14/2012, 1:51 p.m.

There's no getting around it, the Redskins must get significantly better quarterback play this season, if they want to improve on three straight double-digit loss seasons. There had been talk about the Redskins not moving up to the No. 2 draft position, and signing a veteran quarterback instead. But signing a veteran, such as, Kyle Orton, will only fix the problem for the moment.

As I see it, the Redskins have a hole in its living room window, and Orton or some other veteran will just be serving as a piece of plastic and tape to cover the hole temporarily. But drafting Griffin - if he turns out to be the star he's predicted to be - would mean that the team actually replaced the broken window pane, and the problem has been addressed.

I don't have a problem with using plastic and tape to cover the hole on a short-term basis, until you can get the windowpane replaced. It's a good solution for the time being. But it's about time the Redskins found some long-term answers. Head Coach Mike Shanahan is entering his third season and he still doesn't have his future quarterback. Now is the time to draft that quarterback. RG3 clearly has more upside for the Redskins than any other player in this year's draft.

Obviously, the Redskins have taken the correct first step in the quest for Griffin. Now they need to close the deal by drafting him on April 26. I firmly believe that selecting the standout quarterback from Baylor gives them the best chance for long-term success.